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Hey guys, Today, I will show you the top 5 guaranteed ways to earn free bitcoins instantly in 2020

This article contains a list of practical ways to Earn Free Bitcoins Instantly, There are lots of ways to Earn Free Bitcoins Instantly, but in these methods, you don’t know or confused about you get bitcoin or not?

But today, I will show you the top 5 ways to earn free bitcoins instantly in 2020. So if you wish to know the right way to earn free bitcoins, then you must have done some work. Because if you want to receive free bitcoins without any investment.

If you follow my steps, and then I guaranteed you can easily earn free bitcoins instantly without any investment with 100% proof:-

It’s my method that can also help you to earn free bitcoins; the choice is yours what you want to do to earn free bitcoins as a part-time job or a full-time job.

Anyhow good you are with your smartphone because, in this method, you can make bitcoin with the help of a smartphone.

If you want, then you can also use a laptop or desktop depends on you how’s suitable for you? We’ve tried to complete this list with as many services as possible for all kinds of people.

You can earn free bitcoins instant by completing tasks because, on this website, you have too many things to do and earn free bitcoins instantly in 2020.

I can explain the whole thing about this website means how to work, how to earn bitcoins, and, most important, how you can transfer bitcoins into your wallet.

You have both options if you want money then first you can transfer bitcoin into your blockchain or any other wallet if you know any different portfolio then you can do.

Still, I suggest you can move into a blockchain wallet because it’s safer than other wallets; if you want cash, then you can quickly get some money from blockchain to wazir X wallets. But if you search on google earn free bitcoins instantlythen you find lots of results.

So the main thing is to find a real website that benefits you; that’s a difficult task. But after trying and working on this website, I can try it for free.

The income limit depends on your ability and work because you can get extra bitcoins if you are completing all the tasks, and this website has the potential to make an excellent full-time income. I would say that it is not challenging to earn 50 dollars + daily income without investing money if you spend 1-2 hours a day.



There are many ways to earn free bitcoins instantly, and I explain to you all the methods of earnings. So be ready to earn free bitcoins, let’s go:-


Top 5 Guaranteed Ways to Earn Free Bitcoins Instantly in 2020


  • Open Freebitco
  • Sign-Up Now
  • Enter E-mail Id
  • Enter Password
  • Enter Captcha
  • Verify E-mail
  • Successfully Registered


Create an account in Freebitco; First, you need to open the freebitco website for sign-up, then click on sign-up now for register.

Now you have to enter your e-mail id, password after that enter captcha from the above box to complete the registration, then click on the sign-up to complete your registration.

After that, you need to verify your e-mail id, and now you are ready to earn free bitcoins without any investment.


Now I will show you the top 5 ways to earn free bitcoins instantly in 2020. It depends on all of you, which option is suitable for you to earn free bitcoins.

 I show you all the possibilities with proof, then you can choose any option, or if you earn more bitcoins, then you must select all the ways of making because it helps you to make more free bitcoins.


Top 5 Guaranteed Ways to Earn Free Bitcoins Instantly in 2020

In this method, you get free bitcoins every hour. First, you need to do is click on the sidebar and select free BTC. Now you have seen two-column, one is a lucky number, 2nd one is the payout and one roll-up option.

First, click on a roll-up, and you get a number on your screen just above the roll-up option.

Now you are going to match your screen number with your lucky number as you have seen in the image.

You get a payout as the basis of your lucky number. If your number is 00144 and In lucky number, it is in between 0-9885. Now you get a payout of 0.00000160 BTC.


It’s an effortless and exciting way to earn free bitcoins. In this method, you dont need to do anything for a free lottery ticket because if you refer somebody and he plays roll-up or does anything in freebitco, then you also get a free ticket for the lottery. Next, I tell you about the lottery ticket.


In a lottery, first, you click on the sidebar and click on the lottery option. Now you need to enter your ticket in the section of enter numbers of a ticket and click on buy.

After that, you have successfully registered on the lottery. If you make a winner, then you can check your user-id and amount of winning at just below the buy option of a lottery ticket.


In this method, you can earn free bitcoins instantly by multiply your BTC up to 4,750x by playing the HI-LO game.

First, you need to set a bet amount, and now you will see the BET odds, win percentage, and max profit per bet. You are ready to play.

Now click on bet HI or bet LO to start the game. If your is higher than 5250, then you win bet HI, and if your number is lower than 4750, then you win bet LO.

If you click on bet HI, your number is below 5250, then you loose, and If you click on bet LO, your number is higher than 4750, then, in that case, you also lose. I think you understand what I want to explain about multiply BTC.


In this method, you receive compounded daily interest on your wallet balance. It’s like a bank savings account, but you will get some extra features from the bank.

You get compounded interest on your wallet balance every day, but one thing you need to do is maintain your wallet balance at least (0.0003 BTC).

If you think your wallet balance is locked, so you are wrong because nothing happens anything like this. Your wallet balance is not locked, and when you want, then you redeem your balance.

You also get a 25% commission on your referral compounded interest; that’s a great thing.


earn free bitcoins instantly

In this method, you earn a commission from your referring friends. You get a 50% commission from the free BTC option. If your friend clicks on free BTC and rolls up, then you can also earn 50% of the commission from your friend.

If your friend clicks on multiply BTC or betting, then you can also earn 0.40% of the commission from your friend.

If your friend clicks on earn BTC and rolls up, then you can also earn 20% of the daily interest of your friend.

Note – you also get one free lottery ticket and one reward point for every free BTC roll by your referral friends.


In this method, you need to bet on the latest events against other users of freebitco. I use this method for earning because you have lots of category options for betting like politics, cryptocurrencies, sports ( cricket, football, racing, rugby), etc.

You can bet on any category, and most of the chance you win free bitcoins because when a select type, then click on bet now, and it shows option on both teams such as winning percentage and losing percentage.

You have a better chance to earn free bitcoins on both sides because if any team is weak, then you have more winning amount, and you also get winning a prize on the strong team, but its price is low as compared to a weak team.

If you are confused, then I can help you an tell you in simple words. First of all, when you are going for betting, and the category is cricket, then there are two teams, and as an example, we select Australia vs. England match.

Then when you click bet on Australia, it shows the winning percentage of the Australia team, and if the winning rate is high as compare to second-team, then you get the low winning amount. On the other hand, if England’s winning percentage is low, then you get a high winning amount.

Note – I think your all doubt is now clear if still, you have any doubts, then dont forget to comment. 


earn free bitcoins instantly

In this method, you always get two free reward points for every free BTC roll-up that you play. You also get one free rewards point for every free BTC roll-up by your referral.

One thing is best in this website is all the method of earning is attached, and that’s a good thing for all users.

If you want, then you convert your rewards point into bitcoins. You need to enter your reward points in the section of a number of points, then click on encashing, and now your reward point is successfully converted into bitcoins. Rewards are also the best method to earn free bitcoins instantly.


It’s a new feature of the freebitco website. You can participate in the Golden Ticket contest by clicking the sidebar and then click on a golden ticket.

After that, you see your number of tickets and the winning percentage. You also get free tickets by playing multiplying BTC and betting.

If you want to purchase a ticket, then enter a number of tickets and click on buy. You have successfully purchased a ticket and now wait for winning because it depends on your luck.

Note – If you are a provably lucky winner, then you will drive home a Lamborghini.


Top 5 Guaranteed Ways to Earn Free Bitcoins Instantly in 2020

When you want to withdraw your balance, then click on the withdraw option on the homepage. Now you have three choices of withdrawing your bitcoin (auto, slow, and instant).

You select any method from these options to withdraw, but if you choose an instant withdrawal option, then you will give the transaction fee higher than auto and slow withdraw option.

I tell you something about auto, slow, and instant withdrawal. If you choose an auto-withdrawal option, then you get your bitcoin every Sunday, and also you give lower transaction fees as compare to instant.

If you choose slow withdraw option, then you get your bitcoin in 6 to 24 (six to twenty-four) hours, and in this withdrawal option, you also need to give the same transaction fees that you offer in the auto-withdrawal option.

It means the transaction fee remains on both options (auto and slow), and the transaction fee is only changed if you select an instant withdrawal option.

Note – I use slow withdraw option because in this option, you get your bitcoin into your wallet within 6 to 24hrs and also transaction fee is less compared to instant.

Finally, I showed you all the five ways that guaranteed work to earn free bitcoins instantly in 2020 and believe me guys its effective and working method to earn free bitcoins instantly. I use this method for one year and make good money from here.


earn free bitcoins instantlyearn free bitcoins instantly earn free bitcoins instantly


If you want to earn free bitcoins instantly, then you must follow these methods. I guaranteed you can easily earn free bitcoins.

If you want results, then you must follow these methods for only 3-4 days, and then you will see your results, then you believe in this website to earn free bitcoins instantly.


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