Jio Free Wi-Fi Calling : How To Use Free Wi-Fi Calling Anywhere

By | March 30, 2020
jio free wifi calling

Reliance Jio has launched a new service, i.e., Jio Free Wi-Fi Calling service. After Airtel, Reliance Jio has also launched Jio Wi-Fi Calling that allows users to receive voice calls, or if you want a call, then you can also do a voice call with the help of Jio Wi-Fi Calling. At this time, most people want to chat with video calls. If you’re going to make a video call, then you can also do a video call with the help of Jio Wi-Fi Calling.

Jio Wi-Fi Calling comes from Jio right after Airtel Wi-Fi calling, but there are some standard features, and some features are different from each other. In Airtel & Jio, both telecom operators provide Wi-Fi Calling for domestic calls. In case the request is made within India, the Free Wi-Fi Calling is Free, Whereas charge is applied if you call out of India that means the fee is applied for international Calls.

Jio Free Wi-Fi Calling

Which Smartphones Will Support Free Wi-Fi Calling : –

Some months ago, Airtel supported their Free Wi-Fi Calling feature on a few selected smartphones. Still, nowadays, airtel service is also available for all the smartphones, but if your smartphone is a Wi-Fi calling option, then you enjoy this feature and make free Wi-Fi calls.

In this article, we detail about Jio Free Wi-Fi Calling how you activate your Jio Wi-Fi Calling feature that helps you to make and receive unlimited free calls. You also got Jio Wi-Fi Video Calling that allows you to connect with your friends, family, and girlfriend, etc.

You enjoy your Jio Wi-Fi Calling anywhere means you enjoy your breakthrough calling over any Wi-Fi network for domestic calls.

Jio Free Wi-Fi Calling

Difference Between Airtel & Jio Free Wi-Fi Calling:-

When Airtel launches Free Wi-Fi Calling feature, Airtel announces that the Free Wi-Fi Calling function is only functional on Phones that have Airtel broadband. In contrast, the Jio Wi-Fi Calling feature is supported by 150 handsets, and you can also use it with any Wi-Fi calling network for domestic calls.

How To Enable Jio Free Wi-Fi Calling on Your Smartphone : –

To use the Jio Free Wi-Fi Calling service on your smartphone, first, your smartphone needs any Wi-Fi network. Jio has not restricted you to connect any Wi-Fi network so you can freely link to any Wi-Fi network. You can follow these simple steps to enable Jio Wi-Fi Calling on your smartphone:-

  • Firstly open Wi-Fi on your smartphone then connects to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Then go to your smartphone setting and search for Wi-Fi calling or Wi-Fi call option.
  • Select Your Wi-Fi network and connect.
  • Now you are ready for Jio Wi-Fi Calling 
  • Enjoy it 🙂

Jio Free Wi-Fi CallingJio Free Wi-Fi Calling : How To Use Free Wi-Fi Calling Anywhere Jio Free Wi-Fi Calling : How To Use Free Wi-Fi Calling AnywhereJio Free Wi-Fi Calling : How To Use Free Wi-Fi Calling Anywhere

Jio Free Wi-Fi Calling service is available for no additional cost. It means you don’t need to purchase any other plan. That means like tariff plan or any other recharge plan for your Jio Wi-Fi Calling service. You need a Jio tariff plan on your mobile number that you use on your smartphone, Jio Wi-Fi Calling service. You can use a free calling service with any Wi-Fi network. The same thing you didn’t get on airtel Wi-Fi calling service.

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Jio Free Wi-Fi Calling

Jio Wi-Fi Calling service allows you to use both your device, either you use on Andriod or ios device. You can use this service on both Andriod smartphones as well as on the iPhone.

What is Wi-Fi Calling: All you Need To Know About Airtel and Jio Wi-Fi Calling..!!

Wi-Fi calling is a unique feature that allows the user to use any Wi-Fi network to make and receive voice calls as well as you can easily create a video call with the help of a Wi-Fi calling feature. The main thing is that if your cellular data connection is weak, then you can make a call with the help of the Wi-Fi calling function.

If your smartphone has supported the Wi-Fi calling feature, then most of the time, your smartphone has automatically switched to a nearest connected Wi-Fi network. Once your smartphone is connected to the most adjacent Wi-Fi network, then you will be able to receive and make video calls.



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