Top 5 Best Online Jobs in India 2020 From Home

Top 5 Best Online Jobs in India

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So in this article, I'm going to show you the Top 5 Best Online Jobs in India 2020 From Home.

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Now today, I will show you Top 5 Best Online Jobs in India 2020 From Home, and if you want to work from home and earn money, then you're going to love it.

The list of Top 5 Best Online Jobs that I have for you guys, it's crazy, and these Online Jobs that I'm going to show you most of them are worldwide.

So you can work from anywhere in the world, but before we go into the list, there's actually something that I want to recommend to you guys.

Because these Online Jobs that I'm going to show you, they are Online Jobs, so you will put in the work, and then you can get paid for that.

But if you're looking for an instant passive income, then sorry guys, it's not for you because you need to give some time here after that you can earn money from these online jobs.

online jobs

1. Proofreading Services

Now let me show you these Online Jobs alright guys, so the first job that I want to recommend is proofreading.

online jobs

This is something that you can do with the comfort of your own home and the company that is hiring in the platform that I want to show you is called

It's pretty straightforward guys, and the payout is actually pretty good so let's have a look at this site.

online jobs

The world's easiest way to get proofreading and editing so the site is pretty basic it's not that beautiful I would say but it's a legit company so don't worry about that.

So we would go down here and click on careers and then you can simply apply to become an online proofreader job, online proofreading job's click there and then you're gonna have to do a little test.

online jobs

So you can see here, there are some of the benefits of working for proofreading services

Benefits of working for

Best Online jobs

  • Competitive pay ranging from USD 19 to 46 per hour depending on turnaround time, with the highest pay for the most urgent deadlines
  • Flexible hours (work when you want, right from your living room, in any time zone)
  • Great colleagues (connect with some of the world’s top English proofreaders)

  • Proofreading Services

    welcome to apply from any country

    Proofreading service without skill

    So if you want to apply and as you can see up here you are welcome to apply from any country.

    We love when there are worldwide opportunities right applied to be an online proofreader.

    When you click here you're gonna have to do a little proofreading test to show that you have good English skills.

    online jobs

    So you fill out this part here and then you can see here you will have to fill in all of this as you can see here lays, lies, the principle, which one would you choose and then you would fill out all of this and then you would go down and submit.

    If you want to start working with proofreading but you don't have to think that you have the top skills I really recommend using a software or a product called

    Using grammarly for Proofreading service

    I'm just gonna quickly show you how it works it's amazing like super easy to use and it will correct everything.

    so if I would write something wrong spelling like (helo my neme is pavan) it would actually correct your wrong sentence spelling okay.

    online jobs

    So if I would write something wrong spelling like (helo my neme is pavan) it would actually correct your wrong sentence spelling okay.

    This is the simple process that you should use, just do like this and it's free software that you can use and then there's actually a paid version as well.

    online jobs

    You would get some more features than that so if you really want to get into proofreading then I think it would be good to get the paid version.

    But if you are new then you can use the free one

    So look into getting Grammarly if you want to do proofreading and also if you like proofreading head over to Fiverr then you guys like you can put up gig nerds and also make more money with it okay.

    But first, check out proofreading carefully.

    2. Marketing Experts

    The next job that I want to show you is a marketing expert.

    So what could be really this is?

    This is a platform or a company called the live world.

    online jobs

    They are a digital and social marketing agency empowering companies to scale online dialogue on the web and social media.

    Messaging apps allowing brands marketers to connect with customers and develop deeper relationships.

    What would you do if you would work with them.

    Let's scroll down here and you click here on careers.

    online jobs

    There's a bilingual opening so this might be a bit restrictive for some of you guys but I wanted to show you this one Social Media Customer Care Agent Job.

    Social Media Customer Care Agent

    social media customer care agents provide social customer service, engagement for marketing purposes, and protection of brand image by providing a great experience for a brand’s customers in their online venues.

    This position is an hourly, part-time, work-at-home position.  Flexibility is needed to occasionally work evenings, nights, weekends, or holidays.

    The live world prefers tasks including social customer service engagement for marketing purposes and protecting brand image by supporting a good experience for brand customers in their online venues.

    So finally I will show you some eligibility criteria for social media customer care agent jobs.

    Eligibility Criteria for social media 


    Step 1 - Primary responsibilities

  • Review and take appropriate action on social media posts according to brand guidelines, including rejecting or approving content, tracking, and escalating.
  • Triage and respond to customers’ questions with authored responses or in a social context.
  • Identify and escalate trends, topics, sentiment, and emerging issues.
  • 2

    Step 2 - Required skills

  • Ability to connect with people, and communicate in a courteous, conversational style, while making decisions according to guidelines.
  • Ability to compose well-written messages, with the use of good grammar and appropriate punctuation.
  • Strong keyboard skills.
  • Ability to navigate between multiple systems or applications simultaneously.
  • Demonstrated personal or professional success engaging in a social channel.
  • 3

    Step 3 - education and experience

  • Minimum 18 years of age required
  • 1-2 years’ experience in online customer service desirable
  • Some experience in a call center environment is helpful.
  • Work-at-home experience is helpful.
  • Social moderation experience desirable but not required.
  • Healthcare background desirable but not required.
  • Experience with social media tools such as Salesforce, Sprinklr, Khoros, or similar tools desirable.
  • College Degree or equivalent experience preferred.
  • 4

    Step 4 - Technical Requirements

  • Dependable, high-speed Internet access
  • Dependable telephone access (landline preferred for training)
  • Ability to work in a quiet and secure home office atmosphere
  • Work must be performed on a desktop or laptop computer.
  • The use of a tablet or mobile phone is not feasible for this position.
  • 5

    Step 5 - Benefits of working with LiveWorld team

  • Work at home
  • Flexible scheduling
  • The dynamic environment in fast-paced social industry
  • Opportunity to learn new skills and further develop existing skills
  • Opportunity to learn within healthcare and non-healthcare industries
  • 3. mod squad

    Let's go to the third one, and the next one is quite similar.

    So this is a mod squad.

    What is that mod squad? Mod squad is kind of similar to what you would do with the live world.

    But they have some more things to it, so you do moderation, new customer supports, community engagement and also like some social media management.

    You can see here where We've all called or chatted with customer support, posted to a brand on social, or joined an online community.

    Think about the best experience you had with an agent, community manager, or moderator. We do that, and we do it for the world's coolest brands...

    online jobs

    So I'm going to show you how you can apply.

    Let's go down here, and you can apply to become a mod.

    Here you can see they are the Mods! They're a dedicated global team of industry experts.

    What does it mean to be a Mod?

    First off, they're bold. Passionate and united. Sharp and levelheaded when they need to be, but with a rebel streak, too.

    It's effortless to apply as well you can watch this video that they had...

    online jobs

    I don't want to be the same as everybody else that's why I became a mod, see? I mean you got to be somebody ain't ya?

    earn money online

    Jimmy Cooper

    It's a pretty cool company where you can work from home.

    If you just got into the online world, you would definitely look for it with one squad like it sounds a fun company to work for right mods.

    online jobs

    What's a Mod?

    It is pros in digital engagement: moderating forums, chatting with customers, managing communities, and buzzing in social media.

    As a Mod in our network, you can work from any private location with secure high-speed internet access.

    You'll select your projects based on YOUR passions - and schedule when YOU want to deliver.

    This is like a brilliant way like I'll show you here so this could be like a full-time income.

    Now I am going to show you some reasons that you will love to be a mod.

    online jobs

    Reasons You'll Love Being a Mod

    • As a Mod in-network, you'll have the freedom and flexibility of working from any private location, You can work from anywhere in the world
    • You can control exactly when you want to work, and you have the freedom and flexibility to select your own digital engagement projects.
    • you can get experience working with some of the coolest brands in the world from gaming to e-commerce to entertainment.
    • Keep your day job! Our network is teeming with moonlighters, plus enterprising stay-at-home parents, students, and retirees.
    • Mods are passionate. This is a real moment right, and people seem to be loving working with these guys.

    if you want to make it happen then you start here.

    You guys need to fill some basic details like the first name, last name, and put your resume for a company where you are active in social media.

    You need to be 18 years of age or older of course, which languages you speak and where you live then click on submit the application.

    online jobs

    4. virtual assistant

    The next job that I want to recommend is a virtual assistant.

    So if we're advert roulette system could pretty much do some of the things in like the Online Jobs that I just mentioned so for the live world or mod squad.

    So you could be managing social media and be working with like an influencer on social media like doing assistant work.

    So you might be scheduling meetings for them or might be creating some content for them like little tasks that people need help in their online businesses. 

    This is a great place to find work as a virtual assistant.

    If you want to work as a virtual assistant then you can post a job here and create your log in and then you can post.

    I'm just gonna show you quickly here virtual assistant.

    online jobs

    twenty dollars per hour as a virtual assistant

    Here we go and normally you can make around twenty dollars per hour as a virtual assistant. 

    Now you will see some job postings here with a lower and higher payout.

    So maybe if you're just getting started you might get a little bit lower payout but after some time you can ask them to increase your prices.

    So this is basically what people have put virtual assistant Lisa R. that's pretty good and specialize in at $22.50 per hour.

    I just wanted to show you this basically you can get an idea of what kind of job is here.

    online jobs


    It works in two ways

    1. You can post your job and if a company or a person or an influencer is looking for a virtual assistant they can search and come for you.

    If they like then they can get in contact and you can start working together.

    Since it's on Upwork so you would pay a little fee to Upwork for using their services but you can also bid on Online Jobs or a company instead of looking for a customer for a virtual assistant.

    2. They can actually post a job and you can go to that job and bid on it.

    online jobs

    I'm just gonna show you how that looks like now you will go down here and find the Online Jobs and click on it.

    There are all the different Online Jobs that they have here on finding the jobs section' up work will appear and there's is a category of top freelance jobs.

    If you go down here and you can see there are 12 categories of freelance jobs.

    online jobs

    Web, Mobile & Software

    IT & Networking

    Data Science & Analytics

    Engineering & Architect..

    Design & Creative




    Admin Support

    Customer Service

    Sales & Marketing

    Accounting & Consulting

    There are also a subcategory in these freelance jobs so don't forget to checkout.

    For example, if we like marketing strategy Online Jobs under the category of sale and marketing then simply click on it.

    online jobs

    Now here you will see Post of Facebook/Instagram for Therapy Company offered $200 for running a social media campaign.

    After that simply click on it and read all the rules and eligibility criteria carefully before working for it.

    Now you can see here there are lots of jobs are available here and also what they need also mentioned here like how many hours are needed, and how long it is worth, etc.

    You can see here there one more job related to social media where he is looking for someone who is skilled with Social Media Marketing, Email Automation Lead generation, and weekly tasks.

    So this is what they're looking for and when you bid on this you will put your price and then like write them a little message.

    It's important that you sound professional and then you can send it if you are interested in becoming a social media marketer.

    What you can also do is to start networking guys like you can go to Facebook this is a great place for network and make some contacts.

     It can help you to become a successful social media marketer and once you create your online network then you can also do many things like affiliate marketing, network marketing, and you can promote any product or software.

    So that's it for the virtual assistant job. 

    online jobs

    5. customer service expert

    This is the last but not least job is a customer service expert.

    This job is actually something that I have done myself and the company that I want to recommend is called  

    online jobs

    You don't need to think more about that and when you apply for like becoming experts here then you can take some time right.

    I am also worked on and I just like randomly started answering some questions for Xbox and it's a really fun company to work for it.

    Because you work on your own hours and basically you get paid for each question that you solve.

    So if you get accepted to be an expert for any networks that they were working with because they're working with a lot of networks.

    online jobs

    So I'm gonna go through everything alright but if you want to work as a customer service expert.

    It's only by chatting it's not a calling you would have to apply and there are no application links through their website.

    If you go to drive home you won't find anything but don't worry you guys I have all that like networks that are accepting applications at the moment. 

    I will put them down here all right, so you can apply if you want to work with them.

    Now you need to scroll down to find careers and click on it.


    Best online jobs as a customer


    • Data Engineer
    • Director of Platform Engineering
    • Software Architect
    • Sr. Automation Engineer

    Expert Operations

    • Community Support Manager
    • Growth Manager, Acquisition

    how to withdraw your money

    If you want to withdraw your money then you can withdraw and you get paid like every night from like Saturday to Sunday on PayPal.

    Guys its weekly payouts. 

    So that's it for today guys finally you see the five different Online Jobs.

    Now the choice is yours what you can choose so you can work with proofreading or you can become a marketing expert or a mod or you can work with customer service.

    online jobs

    You can also become a virtual assistant thank you so much for reading this article until the end that was quite a lot to go through I really hope that you enjoyed it.

    If you're inspired then you can actually apply to some of these Online Jobs as I said they're all worldwide. 

    So you can work from your home and make quite a lot of money with them.

    so thank you so much guys and have an awesome day and I will see you soon all right bye.

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