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Spice money login or how to login in b2b spice money.

Do you want to see what is Spice Money?

Maybe you are new here! once again super welcome

Spice Money is the number one company and a Multi portal where you get lots of facilities with over 100,000 agent networks across all States of India.

Nowadays, spice money is one of the fastest-growing companies from India.

spice money login

Spice Money helps people by providing lots of services that can help you in the following ways –

Banking Service, Payment Service, Bills and Payment, Travell service, Electricity, and Payments related solutions to the customers.

There are lots of portal in India that provide you online service, but When you compare other portals to spice money, then you get your answer by yourself.

Don’t worry, and I tell you all the things that are related to spice money.

So don’t take tension I tell you all the advantages and disadvantages of spice money which can you to find better service.

Advantage of Spice Money

There are lots of benefits of spice money, and I explain to you all the features of spice money.

Maybe there is some functionality, i.e., familiar, but trust me guys; you get some extra features in spice money that you can’t get anywhere else.

Spice Money always helps customers to increase their earnings by giving special offers and schemes to their customers.

  • Spice Money has RBI Licence (PPI Licence). It’s good news for all the customers because when you work anywhere and your company has a license, then you can freely work and enjoy it.
  • Spice Money also has BBPS (Bharat Bill Payment System) Licence issued from RBI. When any company has a license from the Reserve Bank of India, then you can trust him.
  • Spice Money has the AePS service (Micro ATM) Powered by RBL Bank. Micro ATM is an excellent feature of spice money that can help you a lot. After some time, we talk about Micro ATM and full details about Micro ATM.

spice money login

  • Spice Money provides you Cash-At-PoS product (Mini ATM) that can help you to verify outcomes. If you are confused, don’t worry its an intro I explain to you in detail.
  • Spice Money also has a Rupay Prepaid Platinum card from Yes Bank. It means you also get a Rupay prepaid platinum card from yes bank by spice money.
  • Spice Money has partnered with IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) for the Railway Tickets. It can help you book a railway ticket with a considerable discount. Later, we talk about the premium that you get from spice money in different-different options.

A disadvantage of Spice Money

So guys finally we talk about the drawbacks of spice money, or you can also say that cons.

I researched all the things related to spice money, but I am unable to find any disadvantages or the drawbacks of spice money.

How to use Spice Money

If you want to know how to use spice money then make sure to read these points because first, you need to know about advantages and disadvantages.

Then how to register and all those things related to the registration process then finally we came into how to use spice money and its helpline number.

I know you can’t believe it, but guys, it’s a reality because I properly research spice money, but I am unable to find any cons of spice money.

If anyone can find any drawbacks or disadvantages of spice money, then don’t forget to comment because we are also waiting for it.

spice money loginHow to register in Spice Money

If you want to create your spice money id then make sure to follow these steps to get your spice money id.

  • Spice Money
  • Join us
  • Sign-up page
  • Language
  • Basic Details
  • Aadhar card, Pan Card and Photograph
  • Successfully Registered


First, you need to click on spice money or directly search on google for spice money.

If you search on google, then click on Join us for creating a new account.

If you are instantly going through the link, then you are directly on the page of spice money b2b login.

Now you can see the sign-up page on the screen​

One more thing doesn’t forget to choose your language because defaults can be either set on English or Hindi.

So you can select your comfortable language by clicking on the upper right side on English/Hindi.

Now you need to enter your details like Basic Details, Documents, and service that you are interested in.

In the basic information, you need to enter your first name, last name, Email-id, mobile number, Pincode, city, and state.

spice money login

In the document section, you need to enter your pan card number, address proof, and now you need to upload your pan card.

Address proof (Aadhaar card backside or voter id photo, upload any proof where your address is written) and photograph.

In the service section, you need to select your attentive service like IRCTC, Retailer, Distributor, Spice Money ATM + Account Service.

After fill all the information, you need to click on submit and now wait for 24hrs to verified.

If your verification is successful, then you are also an active member of spice money, and you get your spice money ID.

Finally, you get your spice money ID, but some service of your spice money is not active.

spice money login

If you want to activate all the service, then you need to pay cash because, in the free service, you can’t get all the service of spice money.

If you want to activate more service, then you need to pay 1599 Rs to spice money.

After 1599 Rs, you also need to pay 59 Rs per month to become an active member of spice money.

Don’t forget to check out the price on spicemoney.com because maybe the price is different or updated, so please check on the spice money official website.

Source of Earning From Spice Money

There are lots of sources of earning from spice money.

You can make money easily with the help of spice money because you get lots of options then you can easily choose any opportunity to earn money with trust.

If you are comfortable, then you can also select all the source of earning from the spice money.

Many people can make lots of money with the help of spice money.

So now I am telling you some reference for earning from spice money and one more thing it’s not all the source of earning of spice money.

I tell you with my experience that can also help you to earn money easily with spice money because these are typical work that can quickly be done, so let’s watch some sources:-

  • Pan Card (Pan Card Correction)
  • Transaction via AEPS
  • Mini ATM
  • Money Transfer
  • Railway Ticket
  • Bus Ticket
  • Hotel Booking
  • Flight Ticket
  • Bill Payment Service

Pan Card

In this method, you can earn money by correcting the pan card.

For correcting the pan card, you don’t need to go anywhere; instead, people will come to you.

There are lots of people in India who are going here-there to correct our pan card. 

Transaction via aePS

You can do transactions via AePS. AePS stands for Aadhaar Enabled Payment System.

If you want to use AePS then first of all login in spice money AePS login.

AePS is a bank-and-turn indicator that allows users to do an online exchange.

Users can also use the information about the monetary transaction at Micro ATM through the Business Reporter of any bank using the Aadhaar certification.

You can also do six types of transactions with the help of the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System.

Mini ATM

Mini ATM is a card swipe machine that can usually use in shopping malls, cinema halls, restaurants, etc.

In the Mini ATM, you also get an attached fingerprint scanner that helps in verification.

Use of Spice Money Mini ATM

Mini ATM is used by millions of the Business Reporter to deliver a banking service, and it’s helpful because you get nearly all things of ATM in Mini ATM.

There are lots of places in India where we do not get ATM quickly.

In these places, Mini ATM plays an important role, and you can do transactions via Mini ATM. Nowadays Mini ATM is used by lots of banks, but IDFC is the first bank that started Mini Atm service.

Money Transfer

In this method, you can do money transfer work, and it’s an easy and money-making method because you can charge people to transfer their money into his bank account.

In some places, mostly bank is too much far then lots of people want to transfer money into a bank account…

But the bank is too much far now, so he doesn’t want to go there.

If he knows about your service, then he would like to come to you because you will make his work easier.

In city areas, there is also a customer service center of banks like SBI and others; Maybe you guys will even see the customer service center of the banks.

spice money loginspice money login

My Experience (Money Transfer)

I share my experience with the customer service center, and I told you my real story that happened to me before five days.

I went to the customer service center of SBI to deposit twenty-thousand rupees to my account.

When I ask for depositing twenty thousand rupees, then he said, of course, I will collect your money, but I will be charged two hundred rupees for deposit twenty thousand rupees.

When he said I charge two hundred rupees, then I am shocked because I am transferring my money into my bank account, and I will have to give charge. Then I got to know that it’s a business.

Railway Ticket

In this method, you can earn money by booking the railways ticket.

These days lots of people are traveling through trains, but some people are also whose ticket is not confirmed, or some are ticketless because of lots of waiting tickets.

There are 10.8 million (1.08 crore) peoples are traveling by train in one day.

So you guess yourself, how many people are ticketless or waiting ticket out of 10.8 million (1.08 crore) people.

If you leave ticketless people even then lots of people are waiting ticket.

So you can help these people to get confirm a card with the help of the Railway Ticket service that you get in spice money.

spice money loginBus Ticket

In this method, you can also earn money by booking bus tickets for the customers.

In India maybe you will also see some bus ticket booking stores that can help people to book their tickets.

You can also do the same thing, but your process should be different from those bus ticket booking stores.

When you do something different and comfortable for the customers..

Then people have come to you otherwise when you do the same thing then why people have come to you even you are also new in bus ticket booking.

Hotel Booking

You can earn money by booking a hotel. Nowadays, hotel booking is much essential because lots of people are visiting here and there.

If anyone is going to visit anything far at home then sure, he books a hotel.

Even if you travel anywhere far at home, then you will also book a hotel.

So you think yourself how’s hotel craze is going nowadays. Now you make a store, or you usually can book a hotel for customers and earn money.

Flight Ticket

In this service, you can earn money by booking a flight for the customers. You don’t need to take different-different services.

You get all the features in spice money in which you get all the functions like BUS TICKET, TRAIN TICKET, HOTEL BOOKING, ETC.

In-flight ticket booking, you earn more money because the cost of flight tick is high as compare to bus tickets and train tickets.

When the price is high, then you also get more commission.

Bill Payment Service

It’s a great way to earn money with the help of a bill payment service.

Spice money creates a stable source for all the user all the customer’s recharge and bill payment with the help of the Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS).

When you start Using Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS), then you can do all the bills transactions in one place.

You can able to pay the Electricity bill, Water bill, Gas bill, DTH bill, Broadband bill, and Mobile recharge.

How to withdraw cash using Spice Money Web portal

How To Login Into Spice Money Web Portal

Now I will show you how to login in b2b spice or spice money login portal using your spice money agent ID and password.

You must be thinking about how to log in b2b spice with your agent ID and password.

The first step is to find out the available internet browser in your computer system, for example, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Now open the browser of your choice and then in the search bar type in b2b.spicesafar and press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Now you will get a website link of spice safar that is b2b.spicesafar.com

Now you see the login page of b2b spice or b2b spice login:- Welcome to the spice money agent login page.

Now type in your agent ID and password and make sure that you agree to the usage terms and conditions by clicking on the checkbox. ​

Finally, click on the login button.

On the very first login, we repeat it’s only during the very first login you need to reset your password.

So you need to enter the old password then set your new password.

The new password should be 8 to 15 characters long with one compulsory numeric digit.

In this way your first spice money.com login is successful.

How to check your account balance using Spice Money App

How To pay utility bills using Spice Money BBPS service

Now I will show you how the Bill Pay system of spice money works.

Bharat Bill Payment system or BBPS is a single platform for utility bill payment across India anywhere anytime.

It provides payment services to all customers across India with certainty, reliability, and safety of transactions.

The categories that are covered in BBPS are many like electricity, telecom, gas, water, and DTH.

Let us consider as an example for BBPS with your login credentials, an agent that will be directed to a page with different services available.

Click on the BBPS after that, the single window which has an effective mechanism to support consumers regarding visible various services.

Such as electricity, bill, mobile recharge, mobile prepaid, DTH, broadband, landline, bill, water bill, and gas.

If you select a particular option for example if the customer wants to recharge his mobile prepared number.

Click on the mobile recharge option where the agent needs to fill up all the required details…

spice money login

Then the agent can select a particular plan on the screen as per the customer’s request.

After that to complete the transaction process by clicking on the payment option.

Now the agent can view the status of the transaction including all the history of transactions by clicking on the transaction history tab.

This is how you can BBPS Bharat bill payment System across India can be done for any customer.

RBI Guidelines For Spice Money Agent

Now I will educate you on the critical aspects that you must be aware of as per RBI guidelines kindly pay attention to these spice mini agents.

Some websites may have created similar designs or templates as spice money.

So please cross-check the URL address before you put your user name and password into the portal.

If you wanna go with the Android version while downloading a spice money app from Play Store just make sure you installed the correct app.

Don’t forget to check out the name spice money having the shown logo that you see on the original website.

Please do not enter spice money login or any other sensitive information to any other website except the original ones that are mentioned here.

Kindly always change your password and required pins periodically.

It is officially suggested that you change your spice money login password every three months do not share your spice money login ID or password with anyone.

spice money login

Dear spice many agents fission is a phablet attempt usually made through social media sites like Facebook, email, phone calls, including via SMS, etc.

It is personal and confidential information that they may claim to in the position of authority in spice money.

It can also happen through a shared system or riders infected system.

Hence sure that you are logging on a system that is free from viruses or Marvell fraudsters that can collect information from discarded material such as all computer equipment like hard drive, pen drive, DVD, CD, etc.

spice money login

It can also be meeting related instances that can happen when you download movies, songs, or plugin from unverified external devices, be alert about from such incidents.

So that you are not trapped into any such frauds agents.

Please remember that spice money never sends you Facebook messages, email, SMS, or calls over the phone to get your personal information.

Spice money never sends any password, OTP, any such post or email.


If you share anything on any other duplicate website of spice money then it is an attempt to fraudulently with your spice money valid account.

So please be aware to enter your details on fake spice money b2b or spice money login website.

It’s very important that you never respond to any duplicate Facebook posts, email, SMS, or phone call.

In case of any such incident or for any other further assistance please call to spice money customer care numbers that are 0120-39867860120-5077786.

Write at customer care at spice money or b2b spice safar for further details regarding the terms and conditions and also for other specific and efficient details.

How to check the commission structure using the Spice Money Web portal

Spice Money Helpline

So Guys, If you face any problem in spice money or in spice money login, then you can directly contact their customer care.

Let us tell you that the customer care service of Spice Money is excellent; If you have a problem, then you get a solution to your problem as soon as possible.

From customer care, you can find solutions to all the problems that happen in spice money or b2b spice safar login.

If you need a spice money ID for spice login then you can also contact customer care for the ID, He tells you all the process to get an ID.

So finally, I am going to show you all the contact details of the Spice Money customer care:-Contact Number – 0120-39867860120-5077786Email Id- [email protected] Portal: https://b2b.spicemoney.com

To know more, visit the website:- https://www.spicemoney.com

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    spice is one of India’s largest tech-enabled Hyper-Local Payments Network offering various services like Cash Deposit, Cash Withdrawal, Balance Inquiry, Bill Payments, Aadhaar Enabled Services, Air Time Recharge, POS Services, Railway Ticketing Services, etc.

  20. I have been using Spice Money from the last 5 years. I use mostly all the services like AEPS, DMT, Mobile recharge, etc. me & my customers are very happy with the quality of these services and the customer support that Spice Money provide.

  21. Spice Money is part of the Spice Group, a business conglomerate with interests across several sectors like technology, telecom & finance.

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